Climage Change Conversations Zurich

Is climate change giving you a headache? Let's talk about it!

We have all heard that the earth is warming. But what does that mean for us?

Many people are afraid of climate change; others feel sad, angry, or guilty. For others, this global change is hard to imagine, somehow doesn't really feel real. Some are desperate to do something immediately, and become frustrated when their friends and family don't do the same; others feel confused or powerless and don't believe they can make a difference. For all of us, however, climate and other environmental change is an issue we can't always escape, no matter which way we try.

We have found that it can be helpful for people with a wide variety of perspectives to have a direct and honest conversation with others about these issues. In small groups of 5-8 participants accompanied by 2 facilitators, we sit together for an evening (currently virtually) to talk about what climate change means for us personally. No one tells us what to do or what is right and wrong - it's just about having a good conversation, and everybody is welcome. Participation is entirely free.

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